Call for Special Session Proposals

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We invite you to submit special session proposals on any topic related to the broad areas of interest of ESWEEK and beyond. The special session should cover a topic that is contemporary, hot, and complementary to the regular sessions. The special session should be able to generate enthusiasm among the ESWEEK participants. Proposals should be submitted before the deadline of May 1, 2020.

Submission Details: A 2-page maximum PDF file, including the following information:

  • Title of the special session.
  • Description of the topics that the special session will address, how the special session complements the reviewed paper sessions in ESWEEK, and why the theme of the special session is relevant.
  • Expected format of the special session (invited presentations, panel discussions, or other ideas to promote active exchange of ideas).
  • Organizers with short bio, affiliation, and their expertise in the proposed topic(s).
  • In case the organizers are not presenters, names of the presenters with short bio, affiliation, and their expertise in the proposed topic(s).

Please submit your special session proposal through the SoftConf website If you have any questions about the submission of the ESWEEK 2020 Special Session proposals please contact Paul Bogdan, University of Southern California, US, at pbogdan_at_usc_dot_edu. The participants of each accepted special session will have the opportunity to co-author a single overview paper (maximum 10 pages) of the special session. This will be published in the ESWEEK 2020 proceedings.