Pre-conference preparation: 

  1. Please check at the time and location of your session and the Session Chairs ahead of time. All the times on the website are local time at Hamburg.
  2. Please send a word file containing the speaker’s name, affiliation, presentation title, and a brief bio that can be used by the Session Chair to introduce the speaker before the talk. Please name your file as <Conf-Name_Session-Number>-<Talk_Number>-<Speaker-Last-Name>, e.g., CASES_3-2-Smith.

 Presentation preparation: 

  1. Oral presentation length
    • Full papers: 20 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes Q/A 
    • LB/WIP papers: 5 minutes presentation 
  2. Slides must be Landscape (horizontal) and sized for Widescreen format (16:9) with 0.5’ in margins. 
  3. Backgrounds should be white, and text must be dark. Text fonts and sizes should be appropriate for screen display. E.g., no fond sizes smaller than 16 should be used. 
  4. ALL presentations MUST run on the provided PCs. Connecting personal PCs of the presenters will not be allowed (due to the Zoom streaming requirements). Because of this requirement, please pay attention to the following when preparing your slides:
    • Presentation must NOT come with any DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions or copy protections or the like. 
    • All fonts should be fully embedded. Note that embedding multimedia content requiring external player software (esp. audio and/or video embedded into the presentations) is highly risky so please avoid using such. 
    • Note that dual-monitor setup will be not supported. 
    • You can use the computers at the registration desk to check your slides before the day of your presentation. 
  5. Please bring your presentation on your very own USB stick (no SD cards) in order to upload it onto the provided PCs.
  6. Please make sure to go the conference room 30 minutes before the session starts to upload your presentation to the respective folder. If you have any problems with the uploading, seek help from the helper in the room and the session chair. 

 Poster preparation: 

  1. Every accepted paper regardless of its type needs to participate in the corresponding poster session (immediately after the oral presentation session). 
  2. Follow the poster guidelines at to prepare your posters. You need to print the posters yourself and bring to the conference. 
  3. Please set up your poster on the designated poster board (with the conference name) following the below schedule: 
    • Speakers of the morning sessions should put up their posters during the morning coffee break and take down their posters by the lunch time. 
    • Speakers of the afternoon sessions should put up their posters during the lunch time. Those whose poster sessions end at 3:30pm should take down their posters by 5pm. Those whose poster sessions end at 3:30pm should take down their posters at the end of the session.