Virtual Conference Program

Welcome to ESWEEK 2022!

ESWEEK 2022 is held as a Shanghai-Phoenix-Virtual hybrid event and its virtual parts will take place on The conference will take place October 7-14, 2022 (CST-Shanghai time) and all sessions, except for offline social events, will be accessible through the ESWEEK Gather space.

Program Highlights

Before the Conference

A short teaser video (1 min) of each talk and a PDF file of each journal-track and work-in-progress (WiP) paper will be made available in the program two weeks before the conference.

During the Conference

We will use Gather as the main platform to access all live and interactive content throughout the conference week. You will be able to interact with other attendees, network, attend all talks or join poster sessions in the ESWEEK 2022 Gather space. For more details on how to access Gather and navigate the ESWEEK space, please refer to the virtual events logistics.

Virtual Conference Format

All sessions will be in 1 hour slots. A typical session would consist of 3-4 journal-track papers presented in 15-min slots each, and some WIP paper presentations. The journal-track paper authors will present a 10-min live talk of their papers followed by a 5-min of Q&A. For WiP papers, the authors will give a 3-min live talk of their work followed by a 2-min Q&A.

The session will be moderated by a session chair and supported by onsite staff in Shanghai. In case that a speaker gives an in-person talk in Shanghai, the talk will be live-streamed on Gather and virtual participants will be allowed to ask questions either through chat or microphone. Likewise, in-person attendees in Shanghai will be able to communicate with the online speaker with the help of on-site staff.

There will be virtual poster sessions on Gather for real-time Q&A and discussion with authors on Gather. WiP papers will also participate in the poster sessions.

Tutorials, education classes, plenaries, keynotes, journal-track talks and panels will be delivered live via Gather. Unless otherwise noted, all the live sessions will be recorded, and recordings will be made available to conference attendees later through the ESWEEK social media channels.

Social Programs

Networking and Poster sessions

There will be a virtual networking session on each of the main conference dates, in which virtual attendees can communicate with each other real-time on Gather.

  • Oct. 10 (Mon): CASES Networking
  • Oct. 11 (Tue): EMSOFT Networking
  • Oct. 12 (Wed): CODES+ISSS Networking

Also, there will be two poster sessions (30 mins each) on each of the main conference dates. Virtual attendees are encouraged to meet and communicate with the authors and presenters in front of their posters in our virtual poster room on Gather.


In addition to the rich technical and educational programs offered during the event, we are offering virtual yoga in the Gather space. To ensure the yoga instructor can visually assess your movements, please place your web camera in a spot that captures your position on the floor. When participating in our yoga sessions, we suggest using a yoga mat and drinking plenty of water. Please check the ESWEEK agenda for up to date yoga schedules.

Escape Room

ESWEEK is also providing all attendees access to some very challenging virtual escape rooms in Gather. The escape rooms are best enjoyed in groups of 4-6.