Virtual Conference Logistics

Welcome to ESWEEK 2022!

The conference is held as a Shanghai-Phoenix-Virtual hybrid event and its virtual parts will take place on The virtual ESWEEK venue on will be used as the main platform to interact, network and access live contents including all talks as well as poster or pitch sessions during the conference week.

How can I access the ESWEEK Gather space?

  • What is Gather?
    Gather is a WebRTC platform that uses peer-to-peer connections. Our virtual space is designed to replicate, as much as is possible in a virtual environment, face-to-face interactions.
  • Technical requirements
    You can join the Gather space from your computer (laptop, desktop) on any OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Mobile devices are not fully supported yet
  • Web browser
    Because Gather is WebRTC-enabled, there is no client to install. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers. The desktop Safari browser is supported in beta. Please review the suggested browser configuration settings in the link below if you are having any issues connecting.
  • ESWEEK Gather space URL

Accessing the ESWEEK Gather space

Please visit for the guideline to access ESWEEK Gather space.