The SRC Competition at ESWEEK


14:12-14:24: Valen Yamamoto, Neural Network Certification using Bernstein Polynomial Approximations
14:24-14:36: Sandip Saha, Covert Communication Channel Using Cache at Public DNS Resolvers
14:36-14:48: Ulices Santa Cruz Leal, Formal Verification of Vision-based Artificial Intelligence Controlled Aircraft Landing
14:48-15:00: Vishal Deep, Establishing Time in Batteryless Intermittently-Powered Sensor Nodes
15:30-15:42: Raphaele Milan, TrustSoC-V: A RISC-V Heterogeneous SoC Architecture, Secure-by-Design
15:42-15:54: Zain Ul Abideen, Leveraging FPGA Reconfigurability as an Obfuscation Asset
15:54-16:06: Xiaofan Yu, Intelligence beyond the Edge in IoT
16:06-16:18: Dina Hussein, An Innovative Approach for Energy-Efficient Data Imputation in Human Activity Recognition
16:18-16:30: Dipal Halder, OBNOCS: Protecting Network-on-Chip from Reverse-Engineering Attacks
16:30-16:40: Emma Elizabeth Johnson
16:40-16:50: Veronica Rispo
16:50-17:00: Shristi Sharma
17:00-17:10: Yi-Chi Tseng
17:10-17:20: Randall Aaron Dickinson
17:20-17:30: Devon Lewis

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ACM SRC competition