Special Industry Day

Embedded computer systems have shaped the world around us and are ubiquitous components of our everyday lives. As such, they have had and will continue to have tremendous societal as well as commercial impact and drive the transformation of whole industries. Tuesday, October 12 will be a special Industry Day at ESWEEK aimed at increasing interactions between embedded system researchers and practitioners in academia and industry. The day will include:

  • Two special sessions on collaborative industry-academia European research projects “Technology Transfer Experiments in the TETRAMAX and BOWI Projects” and “Model-Driven System-Performance Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems” in the morning before the start of the main conference.
  • An industry pitch and poster session concluding the day in which speakers from industry will outline design challenges aimed at fostering discussion between experts, increase awareness about practical challenges  and allowing academic researchers to put their research into the context of industrial needs.