Special Edge AI Day

Edge computing has emerged as a trend to improve scalability, overhead and privacy by processing large-scale data analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications locally at the source on the network edge. Tight resource constraints, however, create tremendous challenges in performing such ML and AI tasks on embedded edge devices.

Wednesday, October 13 will be a special Edge AI day at ESWEEEK 2021 focusing on research related to ML and AI on embedded, edge and IoT devices. The day will combine:

  • A keynote by Pete Warden from Google on “Why is Machine Learning on Embedded Systems so Important?”;
  • Regular journal-track papers related to Edge AI topics in the main CASES, CODES+ISSS and EMSOFT conferences;
  • Two special sessions on “Automated Edge AI Design – A Jump in Efficiency” and “EdgeAI: New Applications, Systems, and Challenges toward Designing New ‘Things’ at the Edge”; and
  • A final panel discussion on “Machine Learning on the Edge: How Deep Can We ‘Embed’ It Into the Cloud-Edge Continuum?” concluding the day and conference program.