International Workshop on Secure RISC-V (SECRISC-V) Architecture Design Exploration

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Following the very successful and well-attended SECRISC-V’20 and SECRISC-V’21, the Secure RISC-V (SECRISC-V) architecture design exploration workshop is planning for an in-person for 2022. It will have both oral presentations and a poster session. The core theme for SECRISC-V’22 is embedded security, could serve as an anchor for the in-person portion of the ESWeek 2022.

SECRISC-V’22 seeks original research papers on the design, implementation, verification, and evaluation of micro-architecture security features, hardware-assisted security techniques, and secure executions around the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA).

Submission of early work is encouraged. The RISC-V ISA based topics of specific interest for the
workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Secure cores and multicores
  • ISA extensions for Security
  • Software and hardware obfuscation Techniques
  • Hardware security solutions for machine learning
  • Secure design for emerging applications: IoT, robotics, wearable computing, etc.
  • Architectural designs and hardware security solutions for HPC, Data Centers and cloud computing
  • Hardware virtualization and isolation for security
  • Hardware-Software co-design solutions: graph analytics,
  • Post-quantum cryptosystem designs
  • Quantum Computing
  • Neuromorphic Architectures
  • Blockchain enabled secure computing
  • Classic and Modern encryption algorithms and hardware support
  • Hardware security support for integrity and authentication, key distribution and management, and trust platform modules
  • Secure execution environment
  • Memory subsystem organization to secure data accesses
  • Network-on-Chip (NoC) security feature to process and compute isolation


Michel A. Kinsy
Arizona State University, U.S.