Virtual Conference Logistics

Welcome to ESWEEK 2021! The conference is held as a virtual event through Zoom, Whova and Whova will be mainly used to access content, such as pre-recorded lightning talks and papers before the conference. The Zoom sessions and talks will be accessible through both platforms, but Gather will be used as the main platform to interact, network and access live content including all talks as well as poster or pitch sessions (which will be only accessible in Gather) during the conference week.

Before the Conference

Pre-recorded 2-3min lightning talks and PDF versions of each journal-track and work-in-progress (WiP) paper will be available through Whova two weeks before the conference. Attendees will be able to use Whova to post questions to authors or upvote existing questions in the Q&A forums of each paper provided within Whova. In addition, Whova provides a range of features for asynchronous/instant messaging and networking among attendees before, during or after the conference. For more information on how to access content before the conference, please refer to the Whova Guide for ESWEEK.

During the Conference Week

We will use Gather as the main platform to access all live and interactive content throughout the conference week. You will be able to interact with other attendees, network, attend all talks or join poster sessions in the ESWEEK 2021 Gather space. For more details on how to access Gather and navigate the ESWEEK space, please refer to the Gather Guide for ESWEEK.

Virtual Conference Format

The main conference will take place October 8-15, 2021 @ 9am-2pm EDT, Friday through Friday. At a high level, there are:

  • Tutorials on Friday, Oct 8
  • Education classes on Saturday and Sunday, Oct 9 and 10
  • The three main conferences Monday (Oct 11) – Wednesday (Oct 13)
  • The NOCS symposium on Thursday (Oct 14) and Friday (Oct 15)
  • Three workshops (MSC, RSP and TRAIN) on Thursday (Oct 14)

During the main conference days Monday (Oct 11) – Wednesday (Oct 13), each day will consist of:

  • An plenary opening or awards session from 9:30am–10am EDT,
  • A keynote from 10am-10:45am EDT,
  • Two 45-60min technical sessions in parallel tracks for CASES, CODES+ISSS, EMSOFT and Special Sessions from 11am EDT on,
  • Two virtual coffee breaks for networking in Gather at 10:45am-11am (Mon-Wed) and 12pm-12:15pm (Mon-Tue) or 11:45am-12pm (Wed), and
  • A WiP poster session, industry pitch session or panel starting at 1pm (Mon), 1:30pm (Tue) or 12:45pm (Wed), respectively. 

Each technical session will consist of 3-4 journal-track papers presented in 15min slots each. The authors will present a 12min live talk of their papers followed by 3min of Q&A via Zoom. 

For WiP papers, there will be no live talks. WiP authors will present their papers and will be available for live Q&A in a poster session held virtually in Gather on Monday from 1pm-2pm. 

Tutorials, education classes, plenaries, keynotes, journal-track talks and panels will be delivered live via Zoom. Zoom links will be accessible via either Whova or Gather. Unless otherwise noted, all Zoom sessions will be recorded, and recordings will be made available to conference attendees throughout the conference week via Whova. 


Any registration allows the attendee to participate in all the events of ESWEEK and gives access to the online proceedings of all the conferences and symposia. Online registration is available through Whova here.

Technical Program

is available here.


  • September 24, 2021: Papers and pre-recorded lightning videos will be online. Questions about papers can be asked through the Whova platform.
  • October 8–15, 2021: ESWEEK Virtual Conference with live sessions and interactive posters through Gather.


If you have any problem attending ESWEEK online, feel free to contact the ESWEEK helpdesk