International Workshop on Heterogeneous Edge Computing for Embedded System (HEC)

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Based on various of IoT devices or local edge nodes which provide strong capability of heterogeneous computation, Edge computing becomes a distributed computing framework in the past few years. Especially, the mobile computing devices, self-driving auto, service robot, etc are emerging as the future applications supported by edge computing, that would bring much more convenience to people even change modern lifestyle. The workshop will bring together scientists and engineers from industry and academia who are working on heterogeneous computing and edge computing systems. The topics of the workshop will include but not limit to the following topics:

  • Microarchitecture design on heterogeneous processor/system combined with emerging
    memory/storage system (PCM, SSD, etc.)
  • Heterogeneous edge computing paradigms and models.
  • Energy efficient computing paradigms for embedded systems.
  • Heterogamous edge computation on mobile devices.
  • Heterogeneous computation supports for autonomous vehicle driving, or other applications using artificial intelligent algorithms (e.g. images processing, features recognition, etc.)
  • Heterogeneous edge computing in distributed datacenter.
  • Software engineering implementation on heterogeneous computing.
  • Task scheduling algorithms on heterogeneous edge computation on distributed platforms.


Songwen Pei
Professor, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Tong Liu
Associate Professor, Shanghai University, China