ESWEEK 2021 Gather.Town offers a virtual space for conference attendees to interact with other attendees and presenters. In the virtual space of ESWEEK 2021, you can attend interactive poster sessions and view livestreams of talks for all CASES/CODES+ISSS/EMSOFT sessions, keynote/plenary sessions, and co-located workshops (RSP/TRAIN/MSC) and symposia (NOCS). You can search for a specific person and chat with text or video. You can have a video chat with a person who is close enough with you or with people in the same private space as you. You will use arrow keys for moving around and ‘x’ to interact with objects (e.g., maps, session schedules, posters, livestreams). supports the Chrome, Firefox, and Desktop Safari (in Beta) browsers. If you run into any issues, see the instructions to configure these browsers here.           

 The space for ESWEEK 2021 consists of 9 areas, as shown in the venue map below. Four rooms are dedicated to the four parallel sessions; one each for CASES and CODES+ISSS, and two for EMSOFT and special sessions. Another room is dedicated for plenary sessions, keynotes, and panels. A lounge area provides a dedicated social space. The posters area leads to separate rooms for WIP posters and dedicated interactive spaces for Q&A with authors of all accepted papers after their talks. The tutorials and education day area leads to dedicated rooms for all tutorials and education day sessions. The NOCS and workshop area leads to rooms dedicated to the RSP/TRAIN/MSC workshops and the NOCS symposium. All rooms are connected together and can be reached from the space shown below, just like at a real conference venue. 

Sign in

Please sign in to, with the passcode received from the conference. Then type your name (you can also update your avatar), and click “Join the Gathering”. If your browser asks for your permission to use the microphone and camera, please answer “Allow”.

After signing in, the interface will have options to update your avatar, enable/disable your mic and video, see/find other attendees, and interact with people and objects. The screenshot below shows annotations to highlight the key interface elements. 


Use arrow keys to move around the ESWEEK virtual conference space. Maps and signage across the venue will guide you to appropriate sections of the map. Click ‘x’ when next to a map object to see your location on the map. 

To quickly navigate to talks and poster sessions, click on the calendar icon on the left of the screen and select the event you want to attend. You can then choose ‘Teleport’ to teleport directly to the event room or ‘Locate’ to have a highlighted path that you can follow to the event room. 

If you feel disoriented or get lost, you can click on your name at the bottom of the screen, and select ‘Respawn’ and you will appear at the entrance foyer.

Interacting with attendees 

As you get close to a person, you will see their video stream via a popup box. You can start talking and have a video chat with the person at that time. If the person has their video disabled, you will just see their avatar. You may also see optional messages to indicate their availability.

You can search for a specific person with his/her name in the ‘Participants’ menu option on the bottom left of the screen. Once you identify the person, you can use ‘Locate’ to find a path to reach the person, or ‘Follow’ to automatically move to where the person is located. You can also send a message to the person at any time, which will appear in their chat window.

Private spaces

When you step in a private space, a note will be shown at the bottom with content ‘You have entered a private space’. Then you can chat with only people who are in the same private space. 

Each table and the chairs around the table make up a private space, and only people sitting on the chairs around the same table can talk to each other. There are several private spaces in the main conference space, lounge, and rooms across the conference venue. Some of these spaces also have whiteboards to facilitate interactive discussions.

Attending livestream talks

When you enter a session room, you will be given an option to press ‘x’ (this option will appear at the bottom of the screen). 

After pressing ‘x’ you will see an option with an external zoom link. Clicking on that link will open the zoom livestream for the talk in a separate window/tab. You can return to the tab at any time to resume your session.

Attending poster sessions

When you enter a room with posters, you will notice that each poster has a shaded private space next to it. Upon entering the private space, you will prompted to press ‘x’, which will bring up the poster. If the presenter is available next to the poster, you can talk to them and ask questions.

For questions and feedback, please contact the ESWEEK virtual conference chair (Sudeep Pasricha,