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F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition

The 5th F1/10 Autonomous Racing competition will be held in NYC on Oct 13 and 14th at Columbia University’s school of engineering. 

F1/10 Lunch-time Tutorials at NYU Kimmel Center (ESWEEK venue), room 905/907:

  • Tuesday, 12:45 – 13:25 - Learn to Build, Code and Race F1/10 Autonomous Racecars
  • Wednesday, 12:45 – 13:25 - Want to teach F1/10 Autonomous Racing? We'll show you how!

For Details and Registration, please visit here (no registration needed for the lunch time tutorials).

Registration and attendance are FREE  - just bring your car and an enthusiasm for going fast!

If you're thinking about participating in a later year, attending and interacting with the racers is a great way to get a feel for the event.

The F1/10 website will help you build, code and race your own autonomous car.


This year we will have two race modes: 

(a) head-to-head racing, and 

(b) time trials with and without obstacles. 


Want to attend the race? Here are the details [LINK].

See videos of previous races here

Feel free to send us any questions on the forum page.



Rahul Mangharam - University of Pennsylvania

Houssam Abbas - Oregon State University

Madhur Behl - University of Virginia

Matthew O'Kelly - University of Pennsylvania