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MP Associates, Inc.
SUNDAY October 13, 9:00am - 1:00pm | Furman Hall 212
Industry Tutorial: The Open Source ACRN Hypervisor on an Intel Embedded Platform

Kashif Rajput - Intel Corp.
Sainath Grandhi - Intel Corp.
Kashif Rajput - Intel Corp.

Project ACRN pronounced (ACORN), was launched as a Linux Foundation project on March’18. This is an open source lightweight device hypervisor, specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) workload consolidation use cases. In addition to be small footprint, Project ACRN is designed with Function Safety & real time in mind, which are two highly critical requirements in IoT.

This tutorial will explain/show case at length Intel’s Hypervisor initiative known as ACRN and also teach how to get access to its open source code, compile/build and then load it on an Intel Embedded platform for various emerging Industry virtualization use cases. A virtualized environment will be setup on Intel’s Apollo Lake embedded hardware reference platform and then Android Guest OS will be configured to run on it. Once done with the virtualized environment setups, the various aspects of selecting system parameters to measure and configure performance will be discussed along with the tools involved.

Finally the tutorial will cover the IoT use cases of ACRN hypervisor in the Automotive segment and Industrial Segment. Pre-requisites: * Familiarity with Linux OS and Android OS * Familiarity with BSP Development Concepts * Comfortable with handling Hardware Reference boards/dev kits * Familiarity with Virtualization concepts


Kashif Rajput is a Software Architect with Intel’s Internet of Things Group (IOTG), leading the Android BSP (Board Support Package) Software Development within IOTG. Industry software development experience of around 20 years with focused 13 years’ experience in Embedded BSP development on various operating systems such as VxWorks, Embedded Linux, WinCE and now Android. Kashif holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering.

Sainath Grandhi is a Software Engineer with Virtualization Group in Intel. Experience working with hypervisors, KVM and ACRN. Prior to working in Virtualization group, experience in power management and scheduler optimizations for Windows Kernel. Sainath holds Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.