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MP Associates, Inc.
WEDNESDAY October 16, 1:30pm - 3:00pm | KC 405
Taming Extreme Heterogeneity and Breaking the Power, Performance, and Memory Walls in Computing Systems: Novel Design Methodologies for Autonomous Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
Paul Bogdan - Univ. of Southern California
Hai (Helen) Li - Duke Univ.
Janardhan Rao Doppa - Washington State Univ.
Paul Bogdan - Univ. of Southern California
The end of lithographic and exponential clock frequency scaling call for developing new programming models and self-optimizing strategies to discover the optimal degree of parallelization at runtime from old codes while seeing new data and take advantage of extreme heterogeneity (EH). Avoiding data movement requires in situ computing where data resides, and exploiting EH in emerging processing, communication, and memory technologies. The broad topic of extreme heterogeneity, programming models and design methodologies for autonomous massive manycore chips is actively pursued by a number of researchers worldwide, from a variety of different perspectives. Successful solutions will likely lead to a new computing paradigm that goes well beyond von-Neuman architectures and enable the design of self-programming and self-optimizing computing systems. In this special session, we will discuss the theoretical and algorithmic foundations for designing autonomous massive manycore platforms by considering the extreme heterogeneity in processing, communication and memory, the challenges of design space exploration and optimization, and appropriate programming models.

8A.1Process-in-Memory Architecture Design and Optimization for Deep Learning Applications
 Speaker: Hai (Helen) Li - Duke Univ.
 Author: Hai (Helen) Li - Duke Univ.
8A.2Design Space Exploration and Optimization Methodologies for Heterogeneous Manycore Systems
 Speaker: Janardhan Rao Doppa - Washington State Univ.
 Author: Janardhan Rao Doppa - Washington State Univ.
8A.3Novel Programming Models and Algorithmic Foundations for Designing Self-Programmable Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
 Speaker: Paul Bogdan - Univ. of Southern California
 Author: Paul Bogdan - Univ. of Southern California