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MP Associates, Inc.
WEDNESDAY October 16, 1:30pm - 3:00pm | KC 905/907
Neural Networks and Safe Autonomy
Bryan Ward - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The session focuses on papers that specify, verify and learn safe autonomous systems.

8C.1Safety Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems with Reinforcement Learning Control
 Speaker: Dung Tran - Vanderbilt Univ.
 Authors: Dung Tran - Vanderbilt Univ.
Feiyang Cei - Vanderbilt Univ.
Manzanas Lopez Diego - Vanderbilt Univ.
Patrick Musau - Vanderbilt Univ.
Taylor T Johnson - Vanderbilt Univ.
Xenofon Koutsoukos - Vanderbilt Univ.
8C.2ReachNN: Reachability Analysis of Neural-Network Controlled Systems
 Speaker: Chao Huang - Northwestern Univ.
 Authors: Chao Huang - Northwestern Univ.
Jiameng Fan - Boston Univ.
Wenchao Li - Boston Univ.
Xin Chen - Univ. of Dayton
Qi Zhu - Northwestern Univ.
8C.3Worst-case Satisfaction of STL Specifications Using Feedforward Neural Network Controllers: A Lagrange Multipliers Approach
 Speaker: Shakiba Yaghoubi - Arizona State Univ.
 Authors: Shakiba Yaghoubi - Arizona State Univ.
Georgios Fainekos - Arizona State Univ.