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MP Associates, Inc.
TUESDAY October 15, 9:00am - 10:00am | Eisner Lubin Auditorium
Health Monitoring with Machine Learning and Wireless Sensors
Dina Katabi - MIT
This talk will introduce Emerald, a new wireless technology that uses machine learning for health monitoring in the home. The Emerald device is a Wi-Fi like box that transmits low power radio signals, and analyzes their reflections using neural networks. It infers the movements, breathing, heart rate, falls, sleep apnea, and sleep stages, of people in the home -- all without requiring them to wear any sensors or wearables. By monitoring a variety of physiological signals continuously and without imposing a burden on users, Emerald can automatically detect degradation in health, enabling early intervention and care. The talk will describe the underlying technology, and present results demonstrating Emerald's promise in a geriatric population.