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MP Associates, Inc.
TUESDAY October 17, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Crystal 2
CODES+ISSS: Data Analytics Enables Energy-Efficiency and Robustness: From Mobile to Manycores, Datacenters, and Networks
Sudeep Pasricha - Colorado State Univ.
Sudeep Pasricha - Colorado State Univ.
The amount of data generated and collected across computing platforms every day is not only enormous, but growing at an exponential rate. Advanced data analytics and machine-learning techniques have become increasingly essential to analyze and extract meaning from such “Big Data”. These techniques can be very useful to detect patterns and trends to improve the operational behavior of computing platforms, but they also introduce a number of outstanding challenges: (1) How can we design and deploy data analytics and learning mechanisms to improve energy-efficiency in IoT and mobile devices, without introducing significant software overheads? (2) How to use machine learning and analytics techniques for effective design-space exploration during manycore chip design? (3) How can data analytics and learning improve the reliability and energy-efficiency of large-scale cloud datacenters, to cost-effectively support connected embedded and IoT platforms? (4) How can data analytics detect anomalies and increase robustness in the network backbone of emerging cloud datacenter networks? To address these outstanding challenges, out-of-the-box approaches need to be explored. In this special session, we will discuss the abovementioned outstanding problems and describe far-reaching solutions applicable across the interconnected ecosystem of IoT and mobile devices, manycore chips, datacenters, and networks. The special session brings together speakers with unique insights on applying data analytics and machine learning to real-world problems to achieve the most sought after features on multi-scale computing platforms, viz. intelligent data mining, energy-efficiency, and robustness. This special session will provide a holistic view on this emerging topic that encompasses machine learning, computing, and networking under a single umbrella.

6B.1Energy-Efficient and Robust Software Design for Emerging Mobile and Cloud Computing Platforms: A Data Science Approach
 Speaker: Sudeep Pasricha - Colorado State Univ.
 Author: Sudeep Pasricha - Colorado State Univ.
6B.2Machine Learning for Design Space Exploration and Optimization: Towards Computing and Planning Support for Manycore System-on-Chip Design
 Speaker: Jana Doppa - Washington State Univ.
 Author: Jana Doppa - Washington State Univ.
6B.3Time-Series Data Analytics for Anomaly Detection in Tomorrow's Network Backbone
 Speaker: Krishnendu Chakrabarty - Duke Univ.
 Author: Krishnendu Chakrabarty - Duke Univ.