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MP Associates, Inc.
WEDNESDAY October 18, 10:00am - 11:30am | Crystal 1
CASES: Emerging (Un-)Reliability Based Security Threats and Mitigations for Embedded Systems
Kiyoung Choi - Seoul National Univ.
Ramesh Karri - New York Univ.
This special session addresses various aspects of emerging\linebreak (un-)reliability based security threats and mitigations for embedded systems. In particular, we consider threats and migations related to aging and side channels. Aging effects can be used as a hardware attack mechanism by using voltage scaling or specially constructed instruction sequences to cause guardband violations, thereby degrading the processor. Short-term aging effects can be utilized to cause transient degradations of a device. An attacker can also use various network-based and hardware-level attacks to modify behavior of an embedded system. Side channels provide an effective and secure methodology to remotely monitor code execution on an embedded processor. In particular, we consider the thermal side channel, which can be utilized to remotely observe level of processor activity. Machine learning based techniques are discussed for anomaly detection from thermal side channel measurements.

7A.1Aging and Thermal Reliability in Embedded Systems
 Speaker: Hussam Amrouch - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
 Authors: Hussam Amrouch - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Jorg Henkel - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
7A.2Malicious Aging of Embedded Systems
 Speaker: Ramesh Karri - New York Univ.
 Author: Ramesh Karri - New York Univ.
7A.3Thermal Reliability as a Sidechannel in Embedded Systems
 Speaker: Farshad Khorrami - New York Univ.
 Author: Farshad Khorrami - New York Univ.