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MP Associates, Inc.
THURSDAY October 19, 8:30am - 5:00pm | Astor, 36F
The First ESWeek Workshop on Declarative Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (DECPS)
Declarative programming (functional, logic, rule-based, constraints, dataflow, and visual) has several advantages over imperative programming. For example, using the functional reactive programming (FRP) paradigm over the imperative programming style found in languages such as C/C++/C# and Java for implementing embedded and CPS software allows the programmer to intuitively describe safety-critical behaviors of the system, thus lowering the chance of introducing bugs in the design phase. Its stateless nature of execution does not require the use of synchronization primitives like mutexes and semaphores, thus reducing the complexity in programming. However, accurate response time analysis of FRP-based controllers remains a largely unexplored problem. Furthermore, efficient runtime architectures and execution platforms for FRP and programs implemented in other declarative languages are nearly absent. Virtualization and hierarchical scheduling need to be explored as well.

Program Chair
Albert M. K. Cheng, Univ. of Houston

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