Education Class 8

Title: You better act normal! Ubiquitous electronic observation: Threats and Attempted Solutions
Instructor: Thorsten Strufe, KIT, privacy and IT security

Abstract: The evolution from desktops over mobile devices to smart-X has brought near perfect visibility on the behavior and whereabouts of citizens, both in the digital and the real world. This comes with numerous features and simplifications of processes, and increasing utility for users and observed individuals. It does raise concerns about the potential for abuse, from unexpected identification to the disclosure of sensitive characteristics, health conditions, or personal peculiarities, despite constant claims of “anonymization” and “GDPR compliance”.

In this talk we will discuss reasons of the situation, and how claimed protection has proven ineffective under scrutiny.

Bio: Thorsten Strufe is professor for IT Security at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT/KASTEL), and adjunct professor for Privacy and Network Security at TU Dresden, as deputy speaker of the Excellence Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop (CeTI). His research interests lie in the areas of privacy and resilience, especially in the context of social networking services and large scale distributed systems.
Recently, he has focused on studying privacy implications of user behavior and possibilities to provide privacy-preserving and secure networked services. Previous posts include faculty positions at TU Dresden, TU Darmstadt, and Uni Mannheim, as well as postdoc/researcher positions at EURECOM and TU Ilmenau.