Education Class 5

Title: Confidential Computing – protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and consistency of applications.
Instructor: Christof Fetzer, TU Dresden

Abstract: An application might run in a cloud, e.g., an edge cloud with limited physical security. Or, the cloud provider might be in a different jurisdiction. We introduce the fundamental concepts of confidential computing and show how one can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and consistency of applications – even if we cannot trust the external provider. We will also show how to convert a cloud-native application into a cloud-confidential application.

Bio: Christof Fetzer received his Ph.D. from UC San Diego (1997). As a student he received a two-year scholarship from the DAAD and won two best student paper awards (SRDS and DSN). He was a finalist of the 1998 Council of Graduate Schools/UMI distinguished dissertation award and won an IEE mather premium in 1999. Dr. Fetzer joined AT&T Labs-Research in August 1999 and was a principal member of technical staff until March 2004. Since April 2004, he is head of the Systems Engineering Chair in the Computer Science Department at the Dresden University of Technology. He is the chair of the Distributed Systems Engineering International Masters Program at the Computer Science Department. Prof. Dr. Fetzer has published over 130 research papers in the field of dependable systems.