Education Class 3

Title: FPGA design for cryptography and security
Instructor: Nele Mentens, Leiden University and KU Leuven

Abstract: Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are configurable hardware architectures that combine the performance of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) with the programmability of microprocessors. FPGAs are popular implementation platforms for cryptography and security applications. FPGAs are used as accelerators for cryptographic algorithms and network security solutions, and as patchable trusted computing platforms. This lecture will first introduce the technology and design flow of FPGAs. Next, the lecture will concentrate on the use of FPGAs as cryptographic accelerators, as network security solutions and as trusted computing platforms.

Bio: Nele Mentens is a professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands and KU Leuven in Beligum. Her research interests are in the field of configurable computing and hardware security. She was/is the PI in around 25 finished and ongoing research projects with national and international funding. She serves/served as a program committee member of renowned international conferences on security and hardware design. She was the general co-chair of FPL’17 and she was/is the program chair of FPL’20, CARDIS’20, RAW’21, VLSID’22 and DDECS’23. She is (co-)author in around 150 publications in international journals, conferences and books. She received best paper awards and nominations at CHES’19, AsianHOST’17 and DATE’16. Nele serves as an associate editor for IEEE TIFS, IEEE CAS Magazine, IEEE S&P, and IEEE TCAD.