Education Class 6

Session: EC6

Educator: Umit Ogras1, Joshua Mack2, Ali Akoglu2

Institute: 1University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2University of Arizona

Time & Date: September 14, 2023, 16:00 – 18:00 CET

Title: CEDR: A Novel Runtime Environment for Accelerator-Rich Heterogeneous Architectures

Abstract: As the computing landscape evolves, system designers continue to explore design methodologies that leverage increased levels of heterogeneity to push performance within the limited size, weight, power, and cost budgets. One such methodology is to build Domain-Specific System-on-Chips (DSSoCs) that promise increased productivity through the narrowed scope of their target application domain. We developed CEDR, an open-source, unified compilation and runtime framework for DSSoC architectures that allows applications, scheduling heuristics, and accelerators to be co-designed in a cohesive manner that maximizes system performance. This tutorial presents an overview of CEDR and its productive, API-based programming and deployment methodology. For this we will start with a baseline C/C++ application and walk through the steps of how developers use CEDR APIs to rapidly convert their applications for executing on a heterogeneous SoC. We will then walk through the fully automated compilation flow and deploy the application on two COTS-based SoCs: Nvidia Jetson Xavier GPU and Xilinx ZCU102. We will demonstrate the plug-and-play scheduling interfaces by way of training and integrating a new Imitation Learning (IL)-based heuristic into the runtime.