Education Class 4

Session: EC4

Educator: Edward Lee, Marten Lohstroh

Institute: University of California, Berkeley

Time & Date: September 14, 2023, 16:00 – 18:00 CET

Title: Deterministic Concurrency and the Lingua Franca Coordination Language

Abstract: Popular frameworks based on publish-and-subscribe, service-oriented architectures, and actor networks have simplified the development of parallel and distributed software. Most of these, however, are intrinsically nondeterministic. This tutorial will examine some of the risks that this introduces to applications, particularly cyber-physical applications. We will then introduce a polyglot coordination language called Lingua Franca (LF) that provides deterministic concurrency and real-time features. We will show that deterministic concurrency does not automatically imply a cost in performance. Finally, we will show how LF enables navigating the fundamental and unavoidable tradeoff between consistency and availability in distributed systems.