Education Class 2

Session: EC2

Educator: Diana Goehringer

Institute: TU Dresden

Time & Date: September 15, 2023, 16:00 – 18:00 CET

Title: Self-Adaptive Domain-Specific Computer Architectures

Abstract: The complexity and high demand for real-time and energy-efficient computing for autonomous systems, such as cars, robots and drones, require novel domain-specific hardware/software solutions. Data from multiple sensors must be processed in parallel with a variety of signal/image processing algorithms. In addition, the autonomous systems must quickly adapt to changing situations at runtime, e.g., by switching the executed algorithm from navigation to object detection in robotics. To achieve high energy efficiency, this adaptation requires a change in both the signal/image processing algorithms and the underlying computational architecture for these specific algorithms. This feature can be provided by self-adaptive domain-specific computer architectures using reconfigurable hardware, where each component (software, processor, accelerator, communication infrastructure, memory) can be adapted at design- and runtime according to application demands.
This talk will present concepts and realizations for such an approach including hardware architecture, design/programming methods and runtime management. The importance of such an approach will be demonstrated using several research projects with robotics and drone applications.