Education Class 12

Session: EC12

Educator: Sudeep Pasricha

Institute: Colorado State University

Time & Date: September 15, 2023, 16:00 – 18:00 CET

Title: Optical Computing for AI Acceleration

Abstract: Emerging AI applications such as ChatGPT, graph convolutional networks, and other deep neural networks require massive computational resources for training and inference. Contemporary computing platforms such as CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs are struggling to keep up with the demands of these AI applications. Optical computing represents an exciting new paradigm for light-speed acceleration of AI workloads. In this education class, I will cover the fundamentals of how optical computing works and discuss state-of-the-art developments in research and commercial prototyping for optical computing. I will describe approaches for optical device engineering, optical circuit enhancements, and architectural innovations to adapt optical computing to a variety of AI workloads. I will also discuss techniques for hardware/software co-design that can intelligently map and adapt AI software to improve performance and energy-efficiency on optical computing platforms.