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Child-Care Travel Support Program

Would you like to attend ESWEEK, but cannot because the cost of child-care is prohibitive? SIGBED provides funds for a limited number of grants that support child care for members that would like to participate in ESWEEK but are unable to do so without this support. SIGBED (link) provides financial assistance to subsidize a variety of child-care options, including:

  • Child care during the conference, arranged by the parent, including placing kids in a shared care facility or paying for babysitting expenses in New York.
  • Travel costs for a companion who provides child care, specifically for non-shared transportation costs such as airfare.
  • Travel costs for children between the ages of two and sixteen.

Because grant funds are limited, the support provided might be lower than the amount requested. The actual amount will be decided by the grant administrator based on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) the available budget, parental responsibility, and the number of applications.

For more information about this program or to apply for support, please send an e-mail to Laura Pozzi (laura[dot]pozzi[at]usi[dot]ch). Your email should include:

  • A statement that you are a member of SIGBED (include your ACM¬†membership number), attesting that the costs you are requesting reimbursement for arise from the need to travel to participate in the conference.
  • A resume.
  • A budget that includes details on the specifics of the kind of support requested.
  • A brief description of how you are participating in the conference or workshops. Examples might include presenting a paper, participating in the program or organizing committee, etc.


  • The deadline to apply for support is extended to September 9th, 2019¬†(The original deadline was August 16th, 2019).
  • Decisions will be communicated by September 13th, 2019. (The original notification date was August 23rd, 2019).

We do not foresee supporting travel for the purpose of attending only.

If multiple parents are attending the same event, please indicate this in your email. Only one parent should request support in this case.

For more information about SIGBED membership, please visit the ACM SIGBED membership page.