The International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis is the premier event in design, modeling, analysis, and implementation of modern embedded systems, from system-level analysis and optimization to hardware/software implementation. The conference is a forum for active discussion of topics of current and future importance to designers and researchers. The program will bring together the latest in academic and industrial research and development. High-quality original papers will be accepted for oral presentation followed by interactive poster sessions. CODES+ISSS 2011 is part of the Embedded Systems Week 2011.

Program chairs: Prof. Robert Dick (University of Michigan) and Prof. Jan Madsen (Technical University of Denmark)

Areas of Interest

The conference invites papers on the specification, modeling, design, analysis, and implementation of embedded systems. Although the range of design problems and applications appropriate for the conference is broad, many papers will focus on system-level analysis of application-specific embedded systems and new ideas supporting their design; many of these ideas will make use of automation. The following topics are of interest, as are other topics relevant to the design and synthesis of embedded systems. For each topic, work relevant to important embedded system quality metrics (e.g., power consumption, price, performance, reliability, security, usability, and compactness) is welcome.

Submission Information