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MP Associates, Inc.
MONDAY October 16, 10:30am - 12:00pm | Crystal 3
EMSOFT: Scheduling and Isolation
1C.1MC-ADAPT: Adaptive Task Dropping with Task-level Mode Switch in Mixed-Criticality Scheduling
 Speaker: Jaewoo Lee - Univ. of Pennsylvania
 Authors: Jaewoo Lee - Univ. of Pennsylvania
Hoon Sung Chwa - Univ. of Michigan
Linh Thi Xuan Phan - Univ. of Pennsylvania
Insik Shin - KAIST
Insup Lee - Univ. of Pennsylvania
1C.2Tightening Contention Delays While Scheduling Parallel Applications on Multi-core Architectures
 Speaker: Benjamin Rouxel - Irisa
 Authors: Benjamin Rouxel - Irisa
Isabelle Puaut - Univ. of Rennes 1
Steven Derrien - Univ. of Rennes 1
1C.3On the Design and Application of Thermal Isolation Servers
 Speaker: Rehan Ahmed - ETH Zurich
 Authors: Rehan Ahmed - ETH Zurich
Pengcheng Huang - ETH Zurich
Lothar Thiele - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Max Millen - ETH Zurich