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EMSOFT | About

The ACM SIGBED International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT) brings together researchers and developers from academia, industry, and government to advance the science, engineering, and technology of embedded software development. EMSOFT 2016 is part of the Embedded Systems Week. Since 2001, EMSOFT has been the premier venue for cutting-edge research in the design and analysis of software that interacts with physical processes, with a long-standing tradition for results on cyber-physical systems, which compose computation, networking, and physical dynamics.

Areas of Interest

  • Design and implementation of embedded software
  • Formal modeling and verification
  • Testing, validation, and certification
  • Model- and component-based software design and analysis
  • Software technologies for safety-critical and mixed-critical systems
  • Software architectures for cyber-physical systems
  • Robust implementation of control systems
  • Software for distributed, networked embedded systems
  • Software development techniques for multi- and many-core systems
  • Scheduling and execution time analysis
  • Operating systems and middleware
  • QoS management and performance analysis
  • Energy-efficient embedded software
  • Embedded software security
  • Software architectures for data-driven processing and machine learning in embedded systems
  • Empirical studies and their reproduction, and confirmation
  • Application areas, e.g. , automotive, avionics, energy, health care, mobile devices, multimedia, and autonomous systems¬†