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One Registration, Three Conferences

Registered attendees will be allowed to attend sessions in the other conferences and tutorials for free: CASES, CODES+ISSS, and EMSOFT. Please note that symposia and workshops may require separate registration.





Other Events

f1/10 autonomous racing competition logo

We are excited to invite you to participate in the first ever F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition! It is often said in racing that "if everything seems under control then you're not going fast enough". In this competition, teams use the same 1/10th scale platform to race against each other and test the limits of their control -- the cars can reach racing speeds of up to 40mph! The competition is a battle of algorithms - for perception, planning, and control for autonomous navigation.

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Teach Robotics with the 'Jet' Teaching Kit for Educators

introduce you to a comprehensive set of academic labs and university teaching material targeted at 'Jet', the new NVIDIA Jetson-based low-cost, smart, autonomous, educational robot for use in introductory and advanced interdisciplinary robotics courses.

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